The monkey

Touched my face


Then snatched my earring

And ate it.


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Now you see them, now you don’t… 


Did you know that in the past few years, more than 300 species have been sighted on Portland? 


Have you had a wild encounter with another species?


Perhaps one you have never seen before or you haven’t seen in this place. Or perhaps it just took you by surprise. You look up to the sky, or the sea, you hear a rustling in the undergrowth. You lift up a stone and there it is! Your heart flips like a fish. 

Are there really deer in the quarries and hares on Chesil Beach? 


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We would really like to collect your stories of Wild Encounters on Portland.
You can either write your story, or record it being told.  
If you want to write it… Type it up and submit it through our submission form below.   
If you want to record it… you don’t need a fancy recording device, you can just use your phone to voice record your story (if you  do  have a fancy recording device you can use that also!)
Perhaps you have an image that captures your Animal Encounter? You can send that too!
There's no right or wrong way to complete this task.
Once you’re done send it to us through our submission form below. 
If you want to be more creative with this task you could write a very short poem, something that really captures the moment. Here are a few examples: 

Owl Flight

White Ghost


North Road

An Eagle 


At Paddington station.

The air trembles.

Big brush


Tightrope walks

On the back garden fences

Of Battersea.

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Thanks for sharing your Wild Encounter with us!

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