What on earthling?




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We see you love a task…  


Now this task is in 2 parts, the first is going out foraging for things to use to create your mythical earthling and the second part is creating it.  


What you will need?


PART 1  


You need to be outdoor ready – (coat and good shoes) 

A small bag 

An eagle eye  

A phone with a camera


UHU Glue

3D image.jpg

How to… 




Take your small bag, put your outdoor clothes on.  


Go for a short or long walk, look carefully on the floor or even in the recycling and pick up

anything you think is interesting that could make up a section of your mythical earthlings. 

You could collect natural things as well as man made things.

Just remember if you think its interesting put it in your bag.  


Once you have collected enough and you are happy, find a comfy place to start making.


PART 2  


Now you will need the UHU glue…  


Lay all your collected items out, see what you have… think about what you would like to use to make with.  


Once you’re ready start sticking your items together using UHU. UHU takes a little while to stick so you may

need a little patience here, but once it’s stuck it's very strong and will do the job brilliantly.  


Happy Making!!  

Oh and once you’re done don’t forget to send us a picture! 

Once you have taken a photo you can submit it. We'd love to see it...