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The Earthlings Assembly is a community arts project on Portland UK which culminated at
b-side festival 2021
. The event was co-created by you, the community, and Wildworks with the support of local arts organisation b-side. The project was commissioned by MEMO as part of Eden Portland with support from Nottingham Trent University.  


Earthlings Assemble explores the diversity of life on Portland, and calls out to gather an assembly of humans and non-humans that will honour and celebrate the distinctiveness of the place.



On Saturday 11th September Wildworks ran several drop-in community workshops for b-side festival visitors. The participants’ contributions were then edited into a provocative and poetic finale that was projected onto the Bird Observatory lighthouse in the evening. To see the galleries from the day click here.


If you have any feedback about the workshops or the projection in the evening, we’d love to hear it. Please email

The Earthlings Assembly is still looking for members...  
This digital space is for you, people of Portland, to participate in games and activities found in the tasks link below. 
In normal times we would have started this process by setting up community tea-parties, working with schools and community groups, individuals and local experts. As we were unable to be present in the last 12 months, we created this website where you can enrol as an assembly member and participate in games and activities, all waiting for you in THE TASKS below.  



Click LET'S GO to continue to The Tasks. 


We are Wildworks, a theatre company that doesn’t work in theatres. We work in unconventional spaces together with the people who inhabit, love or hold memories of those spaces. Everyone is welcome. Our participants and audiences come from all walks of life, many have never been to the theatre before. In quarries, claypits, old mines, derelict industrial spaces, castles, beaches, gardens, forests, we create large and small scale events in collaboration with communities. Our narratives always have their roots on specific place and people.


For the past fifteen years we have travelled from our home in Cornwall and worked with communities all across the UK and beyond. We arrive as guests and spend time getting to know each other and learning about the place from those who know the most about it: its people. We explore, we listen, we eat and drink together. Out of these conversations we create a theatre of place and people. We celebrate the uniqueness of each site. 


Biodiversity includes all the variety of life on Earth, in all its forms, weird and wonderful, from foxes to foxgloves, puffins to porpoises, bacteria to butterflies.  


Portland is literally covered with the traces of creatures

past and present. Bones of the extinct Great Auk have been found on the island, mammoth bones found in quarry gullies and then of course there are the fossil creatures millions of years old… as well as traces of live creatures…

For all our differences…WE ARE ALL EARTHLINGS!


Listen to Sir David Attenborough

talking about biodiversity